24 – 27 November 2017

12th International Contest of Children and Youth Creativity

‘Debut Premium 2017’


Date of event: 26.11.2017

Location of event: Concert Hall “ Studio 69”

Organizers: IMPRESA produce center, Riga, Latvia

Choreography Contest

Original Genre Contest

Instrumental Contest

Fashion Theatre

Instrumental Contest


Produce center ‘Impresa’, Riga, Latvia.

The most significant events that Producer Center ‘Impresa’ has organized since 1996 are: International festival ‘Morning Star – Jurmala 97’ in cooperation with Yuri Nikolayev (this festival has been broadcasted to central TV channels), international contest of young singers ‘Moscow – Jurmala 98’, musical TV project – reality show ‘Hello, Jurmala’, international festivals ‘Art Turnir’, ‘Debut’, ‘Eurojurmala’, ‘Chrustmas Surprisa’, ‘Amberstar’.

As of 2002 Produce Center ‘Impresa’ cooperates with production centers and festivals of different countries: International Art Festival ‘Slavyanskiy Bazaar in Vitebsk’ (Belarus), ‘Vostocnij Bazaar’ (Ukraine), ‘Canzoni dal Mondo’ (Italy) and many others. Produce Center ‚Impresa’ is a member of a famous international festival organization FIDOF.

Contest Purpose

To give an opportunity to the young artists from Latvia and other counties to show their talent and achievements, to be valued by specialists, to compare their skill level with other artists.

Tasks of Contest:

– to establish creative contacts between collectives, exchange of experience between countries-members of Contest;

– to attract new leading specialists of culture and art from different countries for cooperation with children collectives;

– to develop national cultures and strengthen the international cooperation.

Contest ‘Debut Premium 2017’ will be broadcasted in the air of Internet TV and on www.debut.lv. Thousands of audience from all over the world will be able to watch your performance!

Contest nomination and age categories


(Pop, Folklore, Classic, Jazz, pop-rock)

Participants: soloists, duets, vocal ensembles, family ensembles, choirs.

Age category for soloists: from 5 years; 6-9 years; 10-13 years; 14-17 years; 18 and older.

Age category for collectives and groups: from 5 years; 6-9 years; 10-14 years; 15 and older.

All vocalists sing ‘live’, with a sound background ‘-1’ or a musical instrument (a synthesizer or other), or a cappella.

Duration of the performance is up to 3:30 minutes.

Valuation criteria: purity of intonation and quality of sounding, compliance of the chosen repertoire to performer’s skills and age category, scenic culture.


Pop (Disco, Classic jazz, etc.) Folk, Ball dance, Classic ballet, Street dance (Hip-Hop, Break-Dance, House, etc.), Modern (Jazz-modern, Neofolk, etc.)

Participants: soloists, duets, trio, dancing groups.

Age category: from 6 years; 7–9 years; 10-13 years; 14-17 years; 18 and older.

Duration of the performance is maximum 3:30 minutes.

Valuation criteria: plasticity, synchronization of movements, virtuosity, compliance of the chosen repertoire to performer’s skills and age category.

Original Genre

(Circus and sport performance, fancy-dress shows and show programs)

Participants: performers of circus, sport, music and dance combination, theatre shows.

Age categories: from 12 years; 13 years and older.

Duration of the performance is up to 4 minutes.

Valuation criteria: level of executive skill, virtuosity, staging (a plastic art, a suit, culture of execution), the creative approach to repertoire selection, decorating programs (requisite).

Fashion Theatre

(Author’s collection in the form of a fashion show or choreographic statement on a free subject)

Participants: fashion designers, theatres of fashions.

Age categories: from 12 years; 13 years and older.

Duration of the performance is up to 5 minutes.

Valuation criteria: idea and creative approach to realization, originality and figurativeness of disclosure of a subject of a collection, staginess and theatricality of the presentation, musical accompaniment accordance to the performance.

Instrumental Contest

(Strings and pinch instrument, wind, percussion and folk instruments)

Participants: soloists, instrumental ensembles and orchestras.

Age categories: from 12 years; 13 years and older.

Duration of the performance is maximum 5 minutes.

Valuation criteria: degree of possession of the instrument, cleanliness of intonation, possession of a dynamic palette of a sound, artistry, art treatment of the composition.


Winners in each nomination and in each age category are defined by the competent international jury which decision is not subject to revision.

The jury includes producers, pedagogues of the specialized educational institutions, heads of creative collectives and the organizations, cultural and art figures.

Valuation of Participants

Performance of participants is valuated on ten-mark system.

Each member of jury puts one assessment valuating performances of the participants according to the criteria described above.

The member of jury doesn’t value the participant in case he is a head or a teacher of this participant.

The jury has the right not to award prize-winning places if in the nomination there is less than three participants (considering number of the got points and level of the performance).

Rewarding of Participants

Rewarding is carried out on genres and nominations with taking into account age categories. Grand prix of the festival is awarded irrespective of a genre and a nomination for the brightest and most interesting performance of the soloist or collective by a jury decision.

1st, 2nd, 3rd places will receive winners in each nomination, in all age groups by a Contest results.

Duplication of prize-winning places (two first places, two second, etc.) by results of competition is supposed.

All participants will receive diplomas.

The best participants receive special prizes and gifts from the organizing committee and Contest’s sponsors.

Contest rules

A participant can apply for 1 or more nominations but not more than one performance in each nomination.

For participation in Contest it is necessary:

– to send the application form for participation to the e-mail address: impresa10@impresa.lv till November 13, 2017;

– together with the application form is necessary to send the music accompaniment (“ – “ phonogram);

– to send artistic biography;

– to send 1 photo (in JPG format);

– to send the link to video with performance of the participant;

– to pay registration fee as soon as confirmation of participation is received.

Additional Information

It is not allowed to change the declared performance later than before 10 days till the start of the Contest!

Technical requirements (microphones, racks, requisite) should be harmonized with the organization committee contemporaneously with application.

In performance is allowed the participation of 30% of more participants who is in the older or younger age category.

The exact schedule of Contest activities can be received from the organization committee in 7 days prior to the Contest.

Providing application on Contest it constitutes acceptance with current regulation about 12th International Contest of Children and Youth Creativity “Debut Premium 2017”.


By submitting an application for participating for the contest, the performers agree to take photos, video filming and audio recordings of their performances on the stage and other events of the contest to pass the copyrights to the organizer of the contest.

Financial Conditions

The expenses connected with journey, medical insurance and accommodation in Latvia, participants carry out at own expense or at the expense of the organization directing the participant on competition.

For the foreign participants the organization committee helps to make visas to Latvia, reserves hotel, organize a transfer and excursion across Riga.

For preparing the invitation it is necessary to send in advance an exact datas of the participant and to make an advance payment in amount of 30% of total sum!

Issues that are not taken up by the present regulation of the Contest are resolved by organization committee in an individual order. In case there are any questions, remarks and offers, related with competition organization, heads (pedagogues) have right to send a written request to the following e-mail address: impresa10@impresa.lv.

Contacts of Produce Center ‘Impresa’:

Phone: +371 29423822 (+Viber, Whats App) or 22130815