Produce center Impresa, are organizing international musical events, festivals, contests, TV shows and performances.

The most significt events that produce center Impresa has organized : International festival ‘Morning Star – Jurmala 97’ in cooperation with Yuriy Nikolaev, this festival has been broadcasted on central TV channels. International contest of young singers ‘Moscow- Jurmala 98’, musical TV project – reality show ‘Hello, Jurmala’, contest “Talent Show”, International Contest of Young Performers ‘Amberstar’ and other projects.

Produce center ‘Impresa’ is official Latvian representative of International art festival ‘Slavyanskiy Bazar in Vitebsk’, it is an active cooperation with producers and pedagogues from different countries.

Produce center ‘Impresa’, is a member of a famous international festival organization FIDOF.

Producer Valentina Makarova

Graduated from Musical College and Faculty of Musical Pedagogy. Valentina has worked in Secondary School as Music pedagogue, was the director of Children’s Creativity center ‘Laimite’. Constitutor and head of Children Musical Theater Elizabeth. From 1994 Valentina Makarova organizer of various music festivals and TV shows.


Musical TV show for kids ‘Mice and Reks’
Musical TV contest for children ‘Morning Star’
International Contest of Young Performers ‘Amberstar’
Musical TV Show ‘Hello Jurmala’
International talent festival ‘Talent Show’
International Art Forum ‘Eurojurmala’
International Music festival ‘Baltic Voyage’

Successful projects

1989 – Organization and presentation of the symphonic orchestra ‘Pardaugava’
1994 – Musical show ‘At Mice and Rex’. The ether on LTV-2 (KPZ ‘Palladium’)
1995 – New Year’s Night at the club Rothmans (Privatclub ‘Leo’) and other events
1996 – ‘Morning Star – Riga’ with Yuriy Nikolaev participation on (KPZ ‘Palladium’)
1997 – ‘Morning Star – Jurmala’ – International Festival on aire ORT channel (Concert Hall ‘Dzintari’)
1998 – ‘Moscow – Jurmala’ – International Music TV Festival (Concert Hall ‘Dzintari’)
1999-2000 – ‘Amberstar’ – Television contest program every week on LTV-2
2001-2007 – Amberstar – International television festival in the Concert hall ‘Dzintari’, Jurmala. Since 2008, the festival is held on cruise ferry of the ‘Tallink’ company on the route Riga-Stockholm-Riga.
Since 2005 – ‘Debut Premium’ – International Contest of Children’s and Youth Creativity
2008 – ‘Hello, Jurmala’ – TV show-contest on the principle of ‘Star Factory’ on TV5 Riga (15 live shows)
Since 2008, the International Festival of Children’s and Youth Creativity “BALTIC VOYAGE”, is held on cruise ferry of the ‘Tallink’ company on the route Riga-Stockholm-Riga
Since 2009, the International Festival ‘Talent Show’, held on cruise ferry ‘Tallink’ company on the route Riga-Stockholm-Riga
Since 2011, the International forum of arts ‘Eurojurmala’, in the Concert hall ‘Dzintari’, Jurmala
Since 2015, the International contest-festival of show programs ‘Christmas Surprise’
Since 2017, the International contest-festival of classical music performers ‘Baltic Lyre’

All festivals are held till this day.

Since 2009, the ‘Impresa’ produce center annually hosts New Year’s Event parties: New Year’s Express, Brazil Carnival, Snow Queen’s Fun, 1000 and one night, the Moulin Rouge, the Venice Carnival.